10th annual meeting of the SGA Baltic Student Chapter - Oulu 05.2018
1st My SEG Europe - Meeting of Young Scientists on Economic Geology in Europe 5-6.04.2018
Short Course about Drilling Methods in Mineral Exploration by Benedikt Steiner 11-12.04.2015
SGA seminar on North Fennoscandian Ore Deposits and 3/4D-modelling 3-9.09.2015
Student Chapter Prague 11.10.2015 in Krakow
Baltic Student Chapter SGA Meeting in Oulu, Finlandia, 2013.
Ore Deposits of Northern Scandinavia, Lulea 2012, Sweden.
SGA Meeting in Kraków, December 2011. Fieldtrips:Sierpol mine (KGHM Polish Copper S.A) and Pomorzany mine (Zn,Pb)
CZ/PL SGA fieldtrip. Złoty Sok, Černá Voda, Hraběsice Krásné i wiele innych.
SGA "Mineral resources for the society" conference. 14-19.04.2011 Prague with field trips to Pribram and Jachimov mine-sites.
"Orogenic Gold Workshop", Oulu, Finland, May 2010
Field trip to Rudna copper mine during the SGA meeting in kraków, 2009.
Field trip to Bochnia salt mine during the SGA meeting in kraków, 2009.
SGA Students Baltic Chapter meeting in Kraków 2009. Presentations were connected with everyear's celebrations of the miners day.